• Was India's FIRST to introduce AIEEE (JEE MAIN) & AIPMT (NEET) coaching
    • Was the FIRST INSTITUTION in Karnataka to commence CET LONG TERM coaching
    • Was the FIRST INSTITUTE in Karnataka to commence I PUC COACHING
    • Was the FIRST INSTITUTE in India to have class room coaching for NATA & JEE [ ARCH ] the entrance exam for students, who to want to do architecture after CET / AIEEE / IIT ]
    • Is the OFFICIAL INHOUSE COACHING institution for I PUC,II PUC and CET for MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE, St. Joseph's college, Baldwins college, St Francis College, Sacred Heart School, Clarence School, Jyothi Nivas College and several others
    • Is the only PUC, CET and AIEEE institute run by TEACHERS FROM IIT
    • Conducts the OFFICIAL COUNSELLING session for EDUCATION TIMES [part of Times of India] for PUC and CET
    • Has board of advisors who include alumni of IIT and IIM ,as well as EX-REGISTRARS OF BANGALORE UNIVERSITY
    • Has course material, that has predicted actual exam questions of CET, PUC and IIT in several years
    • Giraffe has 27 BRANCHES and INTEGRATED COLLEGE COACHING currently in Bangalore city alone


    Our Objectives

    To equip our students with the right skill sets to bring about a transformation in their analytical, critical and logical thinking. Giraffe is an autonomous private coaching and tutorial centre that prepares and counsels academically qualified students to pursue right careers in the field of Science, Medicine, Engineering and Humanities.

    Student Profile

    Besides, the student, with a firm eye on a career, Giraffe also welcomes the serious amateur with a discerning eye and a creative mind, who is willing to devote the time and effort. Giraffe appreciates the skills owned by the students but the teaching philosophy at Giraffe is that, the institute takes it a duty to see that students have the requisite knowledge and confidence. Students are taught all the skills they require. However, our ideal is not so much to teach a student, as to help him learn.

    Academic Principles

    The most important qualities imparted through Giraffe's academic approach are the abilities to think independently and holistically. We promote the idea of innovation and to learn through creative exploration and experimentation. No exam result can depend solely on an institute or its faculty. Giraffe Learning has traditionally provided exceptional depth of educational experience, including interactive learning; a focus on creative problem solving, and opportunities for experimentation and research. To broaden the curricular experience, the approach is to integrate all the learning to enhance practical thinking in students. The overall structure of Giraffe's program is a combination of theory, skills, tips and methodologies to crack any kind of tough examination.

    Instruction Methodology

    Giraffe follows a unique highly acclaimed instruction method (D-I-V-E) where, right from inception a student is encouraged to learn by experimenting with all different aspects of a problem. Students are encouraged to innovate and evolve solutions as they tackle problems from first principles. Solutions are rarely spoon fed to students; rather the student discovers his own methodologies by creative problem solving.
    Both rational and critical techniques are evolved and refined with each subsequent assignment & test - to finally peak with the main mock examination. The main focus of any coaching session is not just to impart information but also to see that students get the utmost invaluable tips & methodologies of answering examinations. It is not always the most knowledgeable who get the most marks - but rather the best prepared. Our emphasis is to let students exercise their analytical skills and show them to follow some simple and quick specific principles.


    Our promoters are alumni of IIT, which gives students unsurpassed experience in taking & excelling at entrance exams. (Anybody with experience in tackling the IIT entrance exam. can probably handle any exam anywhere ).
    The management team at Giraffe includes Professors and teachers with over 15 yrs of expertise teaching and coaching at both national and state levels. Faculty include authors of famous text books, as well as those who have set the actual Board, CET & IIT exams.


    Well-trained, experienced and quality counsellors take care of complete admission procedure. Along with that we have Department and Centre Co-ordinators who take care of individual student's needs, problems, concerns and feedback. Giraffe assimilates the best of practices, which include Attendance follow-up, Personal Co-ordination, Marks Records, Reviews on their performance to students and parents, Appreciation Program, to keep up the motivation levels in students. These activities make Giraffe the best both at administration and academics.

    Infrastructure Facilities

    Giraffe Learning has state of the art infrastructure to conduct their coaching sessions smoothly meeting their entire end-to-end requirements. It has well- designed and elaborate classroom for training sessions. Giraffe Centers across Bangalore, so students do not have to spend precious time travelling. Giraffe Spacious classrooms. Giraffe Proper and comfortable seating arrangements. Giraffe Extensive course material specifically written with the actual exam in mind.