• Why choose Giraffe Learning as your coaching option?

    Giraffe students have achieved remarkable results year after year including top ranks in CET / AIEEE Rank no. 1 and Rank no. 2 in Medical and Engineering CET respectively, besides top ranks in AIEEE & IIT.

    Faculty Merits

    •   Giraffe is the only institution in Bangalore to be run by teachers from IIT & IIM
    •   Lead by Mr. Thomas Abraham, among India's leading educationists, Giraffe faculty are among India's best teachers.
    •   Our faculty are the first to know of changes made to the X / CBSE / ICSE / +2 / PU / JEE / IIT / AIPMT / NATA exams.
    •   Our Course Content is designed and written by HODs and Professors from India's top colleges.
    •   We have hand picked professors and teachers from reputed colleges who have decades of experience.
    •   Our faculty members include famous readers and authors of college text book. Several of them have been responsible for setting up the CET/IIT/NEET board exam papers for several years. For eg. Mr. S S Bosco, author of Boscoss Publications, Karnataka's leading science textbooks remains one of Giraffe's key resources.
    •   Above all, faculty are handpicked for the personal care and attention they give every student.

    Course Materials and Tutorial Merits

    •   Our Course material is specially designed to prepare student simultaneously for the board exams and the entrance exams.
    •   The material is concise and apt from examination point of view.
    •   It is the most refined one, constantly under revision and upgradation.
    •   Effectiveness is our number-one priority in developing our tutorials. Instructions presented are in easy to understand formats.
    •   Material includes regular assignments and tests.
    •   Students have the option to get the entire course material on Tablets & Kindles with teaching videos incorporated.
    •   In several years, actual questions of the CET / IIT / NEET and board exams have appeared directly from over material confirming that our reference materials are not only used by students, but also by faculty and exam paper setters.
    •   Every year, over 90% of actual Board / IIT / CET & NEET exam questions appear from our course material as they are the material most referred to by exam paper setters.

    Remedial classes

    For weak students or those who joined late due to unavoidable circumstances, remedial classes are held for certain centers and courses so that they can be on par with regular students

    Class Strengths and Attendance

    •   We always insist on students practicing different kinds of problem-solving approachs.
    •   We insist on optimal class strengths to see that every individual gets the attention required.
    •   Attendance is a very important part of our coaching program. Giraffe Learning aspires to prepare students for an entire new profession which requires maximum attendance possible as well as student participation. A minimum 75% attendance is insisted on to be eligible to sit for the monthly exam tests.
    •   Strict discipline is insisted on including submission of regular assignments.
    •   Students take a weekly test and their test performance is closely monitored.
    •   Students without the requistite attendance or without the assignment submission or with test results are given impositions include suspension or dismissals.

    Interaction with Parents / Guardians

    Only Giraffe has a dedicated co-ordinator for every batch whose job is to keep in telephone contact with parents and guardians. If a student's performances is above or below average, parents are contacted by phone to congratulate or reform the student respectively.

    Parents are expected to meet co-ordinators / faculty once monthly, to be informed of thair children progress.

    Every month (from the 3rd month) report cards are mailed to every parent elaborating on the attendance, assignment or test performance of their child.

    Co-ordinators are given individual cell numbers on which parents may call at any reasonable hour, to enquire about their children's performances.